in-app communication tools and Discussions

CityGrows keeps communication out of your email inbox with our built-in communication tools
in-app communication tools and Discussions
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Keeping communication inside of CityGrows means less email in your inbox, fewer phone calls, and faster workflows

No matter how carefully you build your workflows and online forms, every once in a while you'll have to ask an applicant for more information about what they've submitted. And many times applicants have questions about how best to complete a permit or license request. With most systems and with online PDFs, that means having to email an applicant or your coworkers to get information and move things forward.

We built our in-app communication tools and Discussion feature to keep communication OUT of your inbox and ON CityGrows. Either an applicant or an admin can launch a Discussion, and admins can also create internal Discussions to communicate with other staff members. This keeps all communication related to each workflow in one place and accessible for everyone to review (and is great for audits and in the event of public data requests, too).

Applicants for our Special Event permits often have questions, and sometimes our staff needs to request changes to a Special Event request. The DIscussion feature makes it easy for everyone to communicate and stay on the same page. It keeps requests from getting lost in email and our team on track
- Nathalie Pardo, City of Chelsea, MA

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