Streamline internal employee and human resources workflows

CityGrows isn't just for permits and processes initiated by your constituents. It's a great solution to bring paper-based internal workflows, such as reimbursements, transfer requests, or internal team approvals.
Streamline internal employee and human resources workflows
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Internal workflows for employees and managers run faster and more smoothly with CityGrows.

Many larger governments are challenged with managing their internal, employee-facing workflows. When these workflows are on paper, they're often slow, hard to track, and frustrating for everyone involved. From employee evaluations to training approval requests and approvals, CityGrows helps make employee and personnel workflows move faster by bringing them online.

CityGrows' review functions help you capture signatures for internal approvals for petty cash requests, contract approvals, or social media post approvals.

"We’re using CityGrows to help get rid of our paper-based internal Personnel workflows so we can support departments and employees more efficiently. CityGrows helps cross-functional teams review requests quickly and transparently and moves the work way faster."
- Grayce Liu, City Engagement Officer, City of LA Personnel Department

How CityGrows works

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