Online permitting software for local government

With CityGrows workflow automation tools, permitting is faster and more efficient
Online permitting software for local government
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Make your permitting processes faster, easier, and more user-friendly

Local governments issue a huge range of permits and licenses. From traditional government activities like zoning and building permits, to new policies like cannabis licensing and short-term rental regulation, almost every local government has many permit workflows. CityGrows is built to help local government staff quickly and easily transform permit and license forms into faster, more efficient online workflows.

With CityGrows, you manage every step of permitting and licensing online, from start to finish:

  • Collecting information
  • Accepting payments
  • Internal reviews
  • Inspection
  • Permit issuance

Best of all, our online permitting software is affordable and accessible for any size or shape of government.

"Santa Monica is working to make government more responsive, more accountable and more transparent. CityGrows gives us the platform to provide better digital services and online permitting, and collect and share the data we need to deliver results quicker, faster and better."
Rick Cole, City Manager, Santa Monica, CA

How CityGrows works

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