Real time status updates and reminders

CityGrows automates communication with your staff and applicants - emails and updates get triggered automatically as workflows move forward
Real time status updates and reminders
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CityGrows' automated messaging tools keep everyone in the loop and free up your time to do things that are more important than send email updates!

How much time is your team spending hunting down the status of permits, licenses, and requests? And how much time do they spend fielding requests from applicants or other stakeholders, like elected officials, about the status of permit or license applications? CityGrows helps you get that time back to spend on more productive and important tasks.

CityGrows allows you to set automatic status updates, acknowledgements, reminders, and completion messages so that everyone involved in a workflow can stay informed about what's happening. Our configurable email reminders and dashboard notifications help workflows move faster. For example you can set a custom message that's triggered when an applicant completes a form or payment, or when one of your team members signs off and approves a permit. And if a workflow has been waiting for a review for too long, it will show up as Overdue.

Automated messaging saves everyone time and reduces time wasted trying to track down status and respond to anxious requests for information.

Because CityGrows has built-in email notifications for applicants and staff members, I can spend more time helping our residents and less time chasing people down via email and phone
- Mas Sala, Erie, PA

How CityGrows works

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