How to improve local government Remote Preparedness

Rapidly set up remote-ready digital services with CityGrows
How to improve local government Remote Preparedness
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Our low-cost, cloud-based workflow tools can get your staff providing services remotely in as quickly as one week.

The results of our Remote Government Preparedness Index show that most local governments haven't yet fully transitioned their operations to remote-ready digital services. CityGrows is here to help governments of all sizes quickly and cost-effectively move their operations online.

We've helped numerous governments transition formerly paper-based workflows to the cloud, and we've got pre-made templates to help you get started quickly. If you're a City Manager, Treasurer, or Department leader we're here to help.

Our workflow tools can help governments quickly adjust their workflows to changing conditions, while increasing overall compliance and allowing for revenue collection to continue. Talk to us about:

  • Building permits
  • Business licenses
  • Pet licensing
  • Special event permits
  • Boards and Commission applications
  • Any other internal or external workflow.

Our costs scale by population size, so even small governments can afford to have remote=ready digital services.

"We built CityGrows to help governments of any size transition to digital services. We're here to help you move your permits and licenses online quickly and cost-effectively." Catherine Geanuracos, CityGrows CEO

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