Performance management tools

CityGrows' built-in performance management tools make it easy to track team progress and continually improve outcomes
Performance management tools
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Performance management data helps team track their progress and improve efficiency together.

CityGrows automatically tracks key metrics related to every workflow on our system, including the average time it takes to complete each type of workflow. These real-time stats help teams analyze and improve their performance, and help track progress over time.

Usually when a workflow is brought onto CityGrows, the total time to complete it drops by 25+%. But as team members get more comfortable with the CityGrows dashboard and managers see and implement ways to streamline steps, the time to completion keeps dropping, and staff can celebrate improvements together.

When we moved our Worksite Transportation Plan online with CityGrows, we knew it would help things move faster. But we were surprised when the time it takes to complete the processes dropped from more than a month to less than a week within the first 6 months, and now we’ve made additional improvements that we can see make it go even faster. We can really show how much progress we’re making.
- Colleen Stoll, City of Santa Monica

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