Integrated payment processing

When applicants can submit fee payments as part of a workflow, it reduces approval time and improves financial reconciliation
Integrated payment processing
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Easily process payments online and generate more revenue with automated workflows

Many of the most common government workflows involve payments. From building permits to dog licenses, government workflows often include a payment step. While some payments are "flat fee" and fairly straightforward, many other payments are more complex. A building permit might be determined by square footage and the type of constuction, a street encroachment permit by linear size and length of construction, and a dog license by whether a dog has been spayed or neutered. Beyond that, some populations might be eligible for fee forgiveness or discounts, and you might need to charge a late fee or ask for an additional payment. Plus it's essential for recordkeeping and reconciliation to know exactly when a payment for a specific permit was made, and when those funds hit your government's bank account.

Standalone payment processors that aren't part of an integrated workflow just don't allow for payment data to be integrated and accessible, and can slow down permit and licensing processes.

CityGrows, by developing a deep integration with Stripe, has built out payment-related features designed specifically for governments. You can trigger payments through formulas and conditional logic, and track status of specific payments. You can even manage charge disputes through our platform. Best of all, bringing your payments online as part of a CityGrows workflow usually means a higher volume of completed workflows. More revenue and more permits or licenses, managed with the same or less staff time.

When we switched from paper to CityGrows for our Worksite Transportation Plans, our users also wanted payments moved online. Because payments are integrated with the rest of the data we collect, it’s easier for us and our applicants to see the status of payments and move through the workflow faster. It’s part of how we’ve cut the total time for our workflows by 75%. And the transaction management tools built into CityGrows make reconciliation easy.
- Jack Moreau, City of Santa Monica

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