Online reviews and approvals

Bringing reviews and approvals online moves workflows along quickly and efficiently
Online reviews and approvals
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CityGrows online reviews and approvals help keep applications moving quickly and help teams work together better

When governments use traditional online PDF or paper processes, the review and approval chain can get stuck easily. Requests for approval sit in inboxes or in folders on a desk, and it's hard for anyone to know the status of a request.

With CityGrows, reviews and approvals happen online quickly and easily. You can have multiple departments simultaneously review, or set up your workflow with separate, sequential review steps. It's easy to create review groups, so that if one person is out sick or on vacation, workflows will still run smoothly.

You can Approve, Request Changes, or Reject an application, and will automatically send messages to applicants letting them know the status, which helps permits and licenses move more quickly.

When you set timeframes on reviews, it's easy to track that things are moving along as planned. We allow the option to collect a signature from reviewers and capture the date and time the review was completed.

For our Special Event Permits, we have multiple City departments that need to review. Because they can review online, our permit process is faster and it’s easier to know that everyone is in agreement
- Nathalie Pardo, City of Chelsea, MA

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