Non-techical setup and management

With CityGrows, any team or department can set up their own digital, automated workflows. You don't need to wait for IT or someone who knows how to code to get your workflows online.
Non-techical setup and management
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CityGrows is user-friendly and doesn't require technical knowledge, so you're always in control of your own digital services.

A lot of local government workflows still run partly or completely on paper because there hasn't been an affordable, easy to use technology solution that's accessible to any government. With CityGrows, we've built a technology that removes the technical complexity of setting up online workflows. With our platform, anyone can set up an account, create a new workflow, add steps, share it with the public, and manage applications and requests.

Because CityGrows is cloud-based, there's nothing to ask your IT department - no local server installation, no "upgrades." It's all accessible through a web browser, so you just need access to the internet. We know local government IT departments are overburdened, and we're happy to provide this simple to use technology that helps non-technical people build great digital services.

"As a local government IT professional, I’m happy that our team is using CityGrows. It helps me focus on bigger issues for the city, and allows our department staff to build and manage their own digital services. It really is helping transform the city’s web presence, without being a burden on our IT team."
- Kegan Maher, City of Santa Monica

How CityGrows works

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