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Record clearance/ expungement

Record clearance/ expungement

The 2019 National Day of Civic Hacking was focused on criminal justice issues and record clearance/ expungement, so CityGrows developed this sample expungement workflow. If there's a point in the record clearance process in your jurisdiction where a user will need to petition a local criminal justice system via a paper form (such as this one from Massachusetts or this one from Pennsylvania) and you believe creating a digital/ online workflow could improve participation or completion rates, you can use this digital version of that type of workflow as a starting point for streamlining the process.

Key features:

  • Prototype record clearance workflow
  • Adaptable for criminal justice or nonprofit use
  • Can be customized to reflect local requirements

Use case
Record clearance/ expungement
Public defenders, judges
Time to complete
Has payment
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