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Home Security Rebate

Home Security Rebate

This home security rebate template was developed by the City of Monrovia, CA and was subsequently cloned and implemented by Paramount and Artesia, CA as well.

Key features:

  • Simple application for rebate/ reimbursement
  • Upload of photos and receipts
  • Cloned and customized by multiple governments

This workflow was the result of a new local policy implemented in Monrovia to provide a partial rebate for the purchase of qualifying home security equipment. Developed with the support of Monrovia's Police Department, the rebate program assists homeowners in purchasing security cameras, smart doorbells, and other technology to increase personal and community security.

The automated rebate request workflow helps community members submit qualifying expenses and documentation (receipts and photos) and provides a platform for City staff to review and approve rebate requests.

Use case
Public Safety
Public safety, administration
Time to complete
1 week
Has payment
Monrovia, CA
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