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Grant Applications and Reporting

Grant Applications and Reporting

CityGrows can help you solicit applications for grants, score them, and track the progress of your grantees. We've had governments develop one multi-step workflow that manages the full grant process from start to finish (for simpler, smaller grants) and others have developed several workflows - one for the application and scoring process, and another to track monthly or quarterly reports/ updates from grantees and collect final impact numbers and financial data.

Key features:

  • Mobile-friendly grant application increases participation
  • Staff able to review and score each application
  • Automated notifications reduce administrative burden on staff

This workflow was developed by the City of Santa Monica, and we've also supported grant applications and reporting for the City of Sacramento and the City of Los Angeles Promise Zone program.

Use case
Grantmaking programs
Grant administrators, application evaluators
Time to complete
2 weeks
Has payment
City of Santa Monica
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