Manage wireless device installation permits with our free software for local governments

CityGrows helps city governments accept applications and issue permits for wireless device installation on public property. Help wireless companies bring internet serivces to your community - faster and at no cost!

Cities and towns across the country have enacted new ordinances to encourage internet service providers to install wireless devices on public property - light poles, bus shelters, and roofs of schools and fire stations. CityGrows helps local governments accept applications, collect permit fees, and manage review and approvals, all while creating automatic open data to keep your community informed.

Let CityGrows help you process these applications - and get wireless connectivity to your community - quickly and at no cost!

You can use a premade template, or get started from scratch on your own. But no matter how you get started, CityGrows lets you set up permit applications, fee payments, and reviews/ approvals - all without coding, hosting, or IT support.

Try it out today - or connect with us for more info!