Parking Permits on CityGrows

Parking is a limited and highly prized commodity -- despite the push towards public transit and ride sharing, cities and towns are still left negotiating the parking needs of all their constituents.

At CityGrows, we're familiar with the (increasingly) frantic parking scene across greater Los Angeles, and we've designed a way to ease the parking permit process for residents and cities alike.

This sample residential parking permit process on CityGrows makes it easy for residents and cities to manage parking permit requests. In this template, applicants must submit proof of residency and information about the vehicles they want to register. Applicants are also able to request visitor parking permits if they desire. Local government staff review and approve the application before accepting payment.

It's a straightforward, simple process and designed to be completed in a matter of minutes. To check out the template (and clone your own) visit:


Note: we also have sample templates for business districts - it's similar to the process above with some tweaks.