CityGrows helps counties provide better online services

We help get your processes, permits, licenses, and filings online. It's easy to set up and use - and there's no up=front cost, license fees, or RFPs needed!

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Counties manage all sorts of workflows and processes, from dog licenses to business registrations. Far too often, those processes are stuck on paper or on legacy software that doesn't give you the data you need. CityGrows can help any county - big or small - get their processes an workflows online quickly and easily. We help you set up and manage your processes yourself, so you're always in control. There's no contract or budget allocation required, and you can get a test process up and running quickly.

Check out an example of how a business license registration looks on CityGrows.

There are just a few easy steps:

  • Set up a CityGrows government account
  • Set up a template for a workflow you'd like to automate (you add steps to collect information, get reviews done, and collect payments) or start with one of our existing templates.
  • Get feedback from your colleagues and management on your draft
  • Connect your bank account to accept payments
  • Add a link to your county website
  • You've got new digital services!

You can learn about our pricing here - most governments can get started without any up-front costs.

Questions? Get in touch with us: or just click the little chat bubble at the bottom right of any CityGrows page!