Looking for an alternative to expensive business license software?

CityGrows helps local governments bring Business License Registration online and makes them mobile-friendly, for no up-front cost. Really!

Local governments deserve good software that doesn't cost a fortune - now CItyGrows is here to help you bring your business license workflows online. With CityGrows, you can bring any business license process online - and because you set everything up yourself, you can make the process work for your local government.

CityGrows helps you:

  • Set up forms to collect information from local businesses
  • Let your staff review and approve applciations
  • Accept online payments
  • Issue printable licenses and permits
  • Create automatic reminders and workflow updates, so everything stays on track
  • Create automatic open data, to keep your community and stakeholders informed.

Check out an example of how a business license registration looks on CityGrows.

Unlike most other government software, we don't require:

  • Up-front payment or contract
  • Long procurement
  • Expensive integrators
  • Consultants

We're not kidding! When Inyo County brought their business registration process online, the number of filings went up and the time it took businesses to complete the process went down. Let us help you improve your local government with CityGrows!

Get in touch info@citygro.ws!

We're a great fit for ay type of business license:

  • Common Victualler License
  • Entertainment License
  • Fortune Teller License
  • Contractor Registration
  • Short Term Rental LIcsense
  • Home-based Business License
  • Peddlar/ Solicitor License