Why CityGrows?

CityGrows is remote-ready workflow automation software for local government. There are many reasons that City Managers, County Administrators, and Department Heads are choosing CityGrows.

CityGrows is remote-ready:

  • Workflow automation tools allow teams to work together efficiently to move processes forward without being in the same place.
  • Constituents and business can continue submitting permits and licenses from home
  • Create new, unexpected workflows as needed

CityGrows makes workflows go faster:

  • Applicants have 24/7 access to the status of their requests/ applications, reducing phone calls and emails to staff.
  • Staff can review, approve, and track permit progress digitally, from their computers or phones.
  • Automated email updates and communication features reduce administrative burdens on staff.
  • In-app Discussion features mean less email-based interdepartmental communication and reliance on spreadsheets
  • Staff serve a larger number of people/ requests with the same/ smaller number of staff hours.
  • Reserve your staff time for people who truly require in-person or phone assistance

CityGrows can be used by any department, not just one:

  • Build any type of permit or license
  • Add as many or as few staff as required to each workflow
  • Add as many departments or types of permits as needed.

CityGrows increases compliance and revenue:

  • With easier applications, more constituents complete required permits and licenses
  • Revenue increases along with compliance
  • Integrated online payments reduce incompletes and ensure that detailed information is available for payment reconciliation.

CityGrows improves constituent engagement:

  • Access to start new applications is available to your residents, even when your offices are closed
  • Simple, customizable open data features support increased transparency without creating additional burdens for staff.

CityGrows increases your ability to view control your team’s technology and data

  • Rapid, non-technical workflow setup and editing tools.
  • Built-in performance management tools
  • Searchable, sortable data and robust exports

CityGrows can help your government work smarter, even in a crisis.

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