Catherine Geanuracos
April 7, 2020

CityGrows feature update: Delete processes

CityGrows recently added the ability for administrative users to completely delete individual processes (applications).

CityGrows has always allowed users to “Halt” processes that are abandoned or unqualified applications, but sometimes halting isn’t enough. When dealing with duplicate, mistakenly launched, and test processes, you may prefer to remove them from the system entirely by deleting them. Deleting processes will also remove them from your aggregate statistics and data visualizations.

You can delete individual processes or groups of processes from your dashboard by selecting the processes you want to delete and choosing “Delete selected processes” from the “Actions” menu on your dashboard.

But be careful! Once you delete a process, it’s gone for good!!

Interested in learning more about using CityGrows? Reach out via the chat icon on any CityGrows page, or email us any time.

Catherine Geanuracos

CEO and Co-Founder of CityGrows. Dedicated to transforming government technology and helping local governments provide better service and do more with less. Former VP of City of Los Angeles Innovation and Performance Commission, co-founder of LA's Code for America Brigade Hack for LA. Catherine is the Chair of the Board for CicLAvia, north America's largest open streets bicycle events. She's based in Silver Lake in Los Angeles.

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